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Our Wallet Allocation Rule® Certification program is the only authorized Wallet Allocation Rule course in the world. It was developed and is taught by the rule's creators and the authors of the New York Times bestseller The Wallet Allocation Rule: Winning the Battle for Share. Most important, it is engaging, informative, and fun — and it provides you with real tools you can use to grow share.

Maximize the ROI of Your CX Program

Getting results from your customer experience program requires much more than collecting data, or even acting on the data you’ve collected. It requires understanding precisely what must be done to grow share. The Wallet Allocation Rule® is the only easy to use system that is scientifically proven to link to share of wallet. As a result, you can identify what it really takes to gain a greater share of your customers' spending.

Get the certification that has the power to transform your organization’s customer experience program and your career.

Who Should Attend?

This certification is ideal for anyone involved in the design and implementation of customer experience strategies, including:

Why Attend?

This 1.5-day certification program will provide you with the expertise you can use to transform your organization’s customer experience program and your career.

Participants will be given the opportunity to take a timed, open-book examination anytime within one month after the course concludes. Those who receive a qualifying score on the exam are given the Wallet Allocation Rule® Certified credential. Participants who opt out of the examination receive a certificate of program attendance.

Insights from the Experts

Our instructors are the premier experts in Wallet Allocation Rule® development and implementation. They have unrivaled expertise in the creation, integration, and optimization of the Wallet Allocation Rule into an organization's customer experience program. Moreover, they are best-in-class teachers and trainers.

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Lerzan Aksoy

Lerzan Aksoy is associate dean and professor of marketing at Fordham University Gabelli School of Business in New York City. She is the author/editor of five books on customer experience management and loyalty. She has provided executive training and consulting on consumer behavior, customer relationship management and loyalty management to numerous global Fortune 1000 firms, including Sony, Colgate, Ford, Pfizer, AC Nielsen and L'Oreal.

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Tim Keiningham

Tim Keiningham is the chief strategy and client officer at Rockbridge Associates. Prior to joining Rockbridge, Tim spent seventeen years at Ipsos — the last seven years he served as global chief strategy officer at the Ipsos Loyalty division. Tim has authored/edited nine books and has published numerous papers in leading management journals (e.g. Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review) and leading academic journals (e.g. Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Service Research, and Journal of Service Management). Tim's research has received more than a dozen prestigious scientific awards.

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Alex Buoye

Alex Buoye is an assistant professor of marketing at the Fordham University Gabelli School of Business. Prior to joining the Fordham faculty, Alex was head of loyalty analytics and senior vice president at Ipsos Loyalty, where he spent seven years overseeing all advanced analytics for the U.S. loyalty practice. His varied background includes extensive work for financial clients, including Mastercard, Visa, Diner's Club International, Sharebuilder, and TD Ameritrade; retailers such as Walgreens, Target, IKEA and Stop & Shop; catalogers, including Delia's and L.L. Bean; and nonprofit organizations, including the Salvation Army.

Program Content

Unit 1: The Wallet Allocation Rule® Framework
  • Establishing the core principles of the Wallet Allocation Rule® system
  • Understanding why traditional approaches do not lead to growth
  • Moving an organization’s focus from its "score" to its "rank"
  • Identifying the core elements for success
Unit 2: Starting the Wallet Allocation Rule® Journey
  • Assessing the effectiveness of your current customer feedback program(s)
  • Mapping the key touchpoints customers have with your brand and with competing brands
  • Identifying and aligning management goals related to the customer experience
  • Understanding the customer journey
  • Setting customer experience business objectives
Unit 3: Designing Wallet Allocation Rule® Programs
  • Creating Wallet Allocation Rule® surveys that provide real insight without burdening customers
  • Avoiding measuring the wrong people, the wrong brands, and the wrong things
  • Aligning relational and transactional metrics
  • Determining right approach for monogamous vs. polygamous industries
Unit 4: Generating Reliable Data
  • Selecting feedback channels that balance information needs and customer convenience
  • Optimizing recruitment and sampling strategies
  • Maximizing response rates
  • Monitoring and avoiding feedback "gaming"
Unit 5: Identifying the Key Drivers and Barriers to Share of Wallet
  • Using quantitative data to identify why customers choose the brands that they do
  • Using comment data to provide context to customer experiences
  • Identifying market barriers that cause customers to use a preferred brand less frequently than desired
  • Communicating, presenting and interpreting findings
Unit 6: Driving Organizational Change
  • Creating a closed-loop process
  • Setting the right performance standards
  • Understanding the financial impact
  • Developing and implementing Action Plans
  • Establishing effective goals and incentives
  • Measuring the effectiveness of improvement efforts
Wrap Up Questions & Answers
Certification Exam Open book, timed, online exam is optional. Participants opting out of the exam are given a certificate of attendance to the program. Participants opting to take the exam and demonstrating successful completion are given the Wallet Allocation Rule®-Certified credential. It can be taken any time during the month after the course concludes.
Course Fees

The Certification fee is $2,200 per participant ($1,980 for Fordham University alumni). Program cost includes all academic materials, plus breakfast and lunch.

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