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Tim Keiningham and Lerzan Aksoy are highly regarded and sought after speakers, having spoken as keynotes for organizations around the world.

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Tim Keiningham

“Tim is a brilliant speaker with provocative perspective that will resonate with CEOs. The fact-based focus and counter intuitive insights challenge managers to see their businesses in a new light. But this is no lecture—the energy and enthusiasm inspires everyone in the room and motivates action. I have moderated numerous conferences and seen hundreds (perhaps thousands) of presentations—Tim is tops.”

Robert Reiss, Host of The CEO Show, Editor of The CEO Forum magazine
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Lerzan Aksoy

“Every industry struggles with the age-old challenge of capturing a greater share of the consumer's wallet. Lerzan's work is immediately relevant and useful. She has the ability to connect with the audience and deliver academic based data and tools in a very easy to understand manner. My audience couldn't get enough of Lerzan and her work.”

Denise Gabel, Chief Finance and Strategy Officer, Filene Research Institute
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Luke Williams

Luke speaks regularly to executives around the world about the right way to improve the customer experience to grow share.
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Alex Buoye

Alex leads workshops with managers so that they can harness the power of the Wallet Allocation Rule in their organizations to grow share.