Watch authors Tim Keiningham & Lerzan Aksoy discuss the fundamental concepts behind the Wallet Allocation Rule® in these short videos.

It’s “Oh my God!” bad

Customer loyalty measurement and management is broken—with disastrous consequences. The result is that firms seldom see meaningful returns on their efforts to improve the customer experience.

It’s not your score, it’s your rank

It’s not how many points you score that matters. It has to be more the competition. As a result, firms must shift from focusing on their satisfaction score, to the competitive rank that this score represents.

It’s easy

The Wallet Allocation Rule® works with all commonly used customer satisfaction and loyalty metrics. So you don’t need to throw out what you’ve been doing. You just need to apply the Wallet Allocation Rule.

What really drives share

The drivers of satisfaction and NPS are seldom the drivers of share. The Wallet Allocation Rule® system uncovers what firms must do to capture more of their customers’ spending.

Understanding the financial impact

By applying the Wallet Allocation Rule®, managers get real insight into the money they currently get from their customers, the money available to be earned by them, and what it takes to get it.